Thursday, October 28, 2021

Is It Time to Re-Evaluate Your Current SEO Strategy?

The world of internet marketing has seen so many changes in its relatively young history; but if there is one thing that consistently keeps up with whatever changes and remains relevant up to now, it is search engine optimisation. The adaptive and dynamic nature of Adelaide search engine optimisation is the reason why it remains as one of the most crucial strategies to use in building an online presence.

If you have been using SEO as part of your overall internet marketing campaign, chances are you already see excellent results, especially when it comes to the Google ranking of your site. However, if you feel like progress is slower than usual; it could be high-time to begin re-evaluating your current SEO strategy. If you do not know how to figure out if you need changes, here are some signs:

  1. There is a substantial decrease in the number of revenue-generating clients coming from organic traffic – You probably know by now that SEO targets the influx of organic traffic for your website. While it is common for it to take a dip, especially if your campaign needs some tweaking, you should start worrying if there is a drop in the number of customers you are getting via organic traffic. It means you might need to reconsider your current approach since it no longer is giving way to attracting the ideal type of site visitors; those who likely convert into legitimate customers.
  2. There is a drop in ranking when it comes to primary keywords – You need to determine if your website is still ranking for the primary keywords you chose at the launch of your campaign. So, if it no longer is ranking, it only means you must go back and re-focus on another set of keywords. It appears like it is a simple job to do, but it is not. In fact, the reason why there is a drop in ranking for a primary keyword is that you might have chosen the wrong ones in the first place.
  1. There is an all-time low when it comes to SEO conversion rates –Bear in mind that there is more to Adelaide search engine optimisation than just achieving increased website traffic. Therefore, if you see an increase in traffic, you should also look into the conversion rates. If the conversion rate is low, it means you are getting the traffic from the wrong type of visitors. While it is a good thing that people visit your website, it is useless if they do not convert into real customers or clients. In this regard, you are most probably using a strategy that attracts the wrong people. Hence, it is time to re-evaluate your approach.

If any of those scenarios apply to your current campaign, it only means you definitely must consider a re-evaluation of your SEO campaign sooner than later.